About Pubi Juudas

Pub Juudas is a rock-oriented pub in Tőrva, Estonia offering, amongst other things, culture in the form of good live music, cold drinks, snacks and comfort, to be found at the bar and in one of our many couches. For those who are inclined, there is also a private smoking room.

How did it all get started?
Of course, non of us really want to end up working a 'real job' in a factory/office for the rest of our lives, after all that would be hard work - Its this laziness that really prompted us to turn our distant fantasy of a pub into a reality. The idea was formed on the premise that we ourselves would want to spend time in such a place and so, thanks to financial aid from the government and those kind of heart, we began to put our backs to good use. We laid the bricks and put up walls for the bar, cut a forest worth of timber for the stage and screwed in countless screws to hold the whole thing together – Though it would be wrong to give thanks to a few, as the youth of Tőrva has helped in so many ways, a special thanks must be given to Heigo Heinleht for supplying the artwork on our walls, which pays tribute to those we admire.

So what about the name?
Well, back when the whole idea was still festering in the heads of two young drunks, one of the first things to be decided was the name. Of course the foremost inspiration was and still is the infamous English rock band 'Judas priest', who's music is deeply engraved in the hearts of our group. But of course the aforementioned band took their own inspiration from a certain best selling book, in which a character named 'Judas' betrayed a man named Jesus, all for the sake of a bit of beer money – Funny how fiction can inform reality...

What can we see/listen to?
Great rock and alternative music from Estonia and abroad – We believe cultural unity comes from sharing in the unique so all bands are welcome to drop us a line; local or foreign, it doesn't matter. Reggae, punk, metal, jazz and anything outside or in-between are all welcome, so long as the sound made is done so with pure intentions. We're also keen on other areas of the arts; poetry, theatre, film are all invited. However, as pop culture is currently so occupied with kissing the ass of the familiar, we are careful to keep our lips clean of anything generic and monotonous. Though anyone with a clear and thoughtful voice is always invited to share ideas for the pubs entertainment – it is the new blood that shapes who we are and who we will be.

We also offer chance to rent the pub rooms or/and sound equipment!