Events in Pubi Juudas




Manzana, Riotclub and Hayley's Royal Whores at Europe Tour(facebook)
Hanf Kung and Vicious Vendetta (facebook)
Connectors, Martin Teichmann and Ardo, Mandarones (facebook)
O.R.G.A.S.M; Her Memorial Discourse; Infected Anthem (facebook)
Drum&Bass and Dubstep! (facebook)
Pööloy Gläänz, Legshaker and Machete (facebook)
Forexsample, Oscilla and Herco (facebook)
Funky night + Foosball finale! (facebook)
Karaoke night! (facebook)
International Women's Day! (facebook)
Rock Revolution - parimat vanakooli rokki! (facebook)
Psychedelic trance night ILLOGICAL JOURNEY (facebook)
Third round of foosball tournament! (facebook)
Kurjam, Number Ö and Garam Gadang!  (facebook)
Dubstep & live drums!  (facebook)
Langenu, Mortferus and Bastard And The 3 Bastards!  (facebook)
Second round of foosball tournament! (facebook)
Mandarones, Deformation and Defeatem! (facebook)
End of The World Party! (facebook)
First round of foosball tournament! (facebook)
COOL D & KOZY, BEEBILÕUST and OKYM RIIM were hip-hopping and raping! (facebook)
Rockabilly Night! (facebook)
ROCK OUT! ( facebook)
Reggae rythms! (facebook)
Jaan Pehk, also known as Orelipoiss! (facebook | gallery)
Lektus performed dance-hits!
300 facebook fan party! (facebook)
Kevin's going-away-party: Defeatem and Infected Anthem (facebook)
Paradise Beneath UsWe Rise Again and  Burn Still (facebook)
Disco-fever (facebook)
Stoners band Mandarones and experimental Hip-Hop band 615 (facebook | gallery)
DJ Uku was playing the best of UK Garage (facebook)
Whitney my Houston, Please!
Tribute for Ramones - Brain Drain and crust-d-beat band Project Dekadenz (facebook | gallery)
Öökülm, Beebilõust and Number Ö (facebook | gallery)
Drum 'n' Bass party at Judas! (facebook)
Leila and Toivo were singing old classic dancing music
Four-piece rock metal act from Finland Hayley's Royal Whores and melodic and thrashy metal band  Routakehä (facebook | gallery)
BAND TOUR 2012 - Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings, She Walks Drunk, We Rise Again, Infected Anthem and Defeatem (facebook)
DESEPTIROCK Baltic Assault (facebook)
Lithuanian band Unlost and band Defeatem (facebook)
Allan Vainola's Ajutine Valitsus and KukeProtest (facebook)
BAND TOUR 2012 WARM-UP - Defeatem, She Walks Drunk and Infected Anthem (facebook)
Psychoterror, Kurjam and No fun (facebook)
Studio Music Room bandtour: Infected Anthem, Defeatem, Kolmteist and Hundinui (gallery)
Reserved New Years Eve party
All kind of Christmas parties - both reserved and self-made...
Reserved birthday
Management celebrated soundguy's birthday (thats why nothing happened in the pub)
Dismantled couple of old stools and a TV-set (for the need of space)
Everfade, Paradise Beneath Us, Infected Anthem (gallery)
Reserved birthday (official Facebook page)
Reserved birthday (gallery)